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Dieu Thuoc La - TRần Hào Nam

Album: Đang cập nhật Thể loại: Nhạc Việt Tải về máy Thêm vào playlist
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Love Story brutal as it is now just a little cigarette drag shattered tear smoke. Up to 2 days later my husband heard my heart is broken at the time. Flowers on the same day in the car he was married at the time he ran he took the second blow to po knife at my watch at that time the room is a stream of blood will flow. People have flocked to it alo criminal criminal homicide in vain to ask why, you hook the 5 bottles of criminal hands inserted where it does not expect to receive. Standing before the trial court to hear every word of Tran Hao Nam asked the name of the new transient who heard his name was here that he meet with the court that new. The name Tran Hao Nam is not anybody that Tran Hao Nam is his name, his boss in the ice dancing Hong Hung and his junior co 9 percent to 8 months. Hong Hung new tape today that illustrious reputation that today the walls of blood falls, I have green dragon tail fin tube fly back that day to live life a prison. He straps a life time .. 1 hero stabbing that now his time to go to South yelled for 8 years he lived the trial unfair Oh he turned his hand and take the gong. The car is slowly prison .. slowly rolling carry on where he went so far as to stop his car to where this place is new or new tunnels in the district. On his heart aches sentenced to any big surprise as he plans his house lo zay dozen bottles of hope lies in the district attorney who CRAP why not help me. I defend a criminal jail time for this morning I was released I was racing 8 to 2 boys left no doubt where the next that he had the gift bag. Then this morning the trial of the ten brothers shared a room he was not thinking whether he sentenced tomorrow because this ancient green dragon blood is fishy. Giang Hu life ....!
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